Welcome on my Blog
A simple Tech' website in a connected world

Hello there,
This blog is about privacy, security and DevOps mainly. Some parts are beginners friendly and non-technical at all in order to popularize security notions, other parts are mainly tips & tricks, or stuff that I learned and I want to share.


Get to know me:

I am François, 🇫🇷 Junior DevOps Engineer working in Hamburg!
My days are filled with building infrastrutures, dive into containers orchestrations, continuous integration & deployment, and databases migrations.
Favourite stack would be YAML & Bash JS & PHP without hesitation.

Here are some personal projects I've worked on during my freetime as a student:

  • A small RSS Reader made with Vue.js and without backend. Only needs a platform like Netlify to run it.
  • A simple wrapper of youtube-dl with docker.
  • Meeting APP
    Backend API to organise events with friends, made with Laravel & MySQL.
  • Some personal services such Miniflux hosted on a VPS.