Be alerted if your account is compromised

March 1, 2020

Have you ever heard about the website? Or

You just have to enter your email address and check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach.

If one account has been compromised, it means people know that your email address: was using this password 08october94! on a website. You need to change your password on this website quickly obviously, but it also means that anyone can try the combination on a different website.

What if you use the same email address and the same password on another website?

Let's say I am registering to a bad and small website I don't care. Ok, quick registering: and 08october94. Easy password to remember as it is my birthdate :-)

But that's also my password to my Facebook account as it is easy to remember :-)

And my password to my email account :-)

Ok, now imagine someone breaks into because it was badly secure and get every user information (email/passwords). Why would someone spend time to secure such a website? It is only for fun...

Well, someone has your password and can try it on different websites. Emails providers, social media, messenger apps, etc.

Lessons taught?

Use one password per website (use a password manager). Even if a website is compromised and your account as well, it doesn't impact your other accounts.

That's where and are useful: to have a look at compromised accounts.

Super cool tools, but you will probably only use it once in your lifetime.

They have a less-known functionality: Be alerted if your account is compromised. or Enter your email address and from now on they will alert you!

If you want to dive a little further, this resource is really great as well, have a look!