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CKA feedbacks

July 6, 20201 min read
I passed the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam, here are my advises

Should I put this value in the .env?

July 5, 20201 min read
.env and config file story

Fix mac connection problems with free wifi

July 5, 20201 min read
Could not connect to free wifi with my mac, found a quick fix

No more passwords

April 18, 20202 min read
Stop using passwords and switch to SSH keys when you can.

Faster searches with Firefox

April 13, 20202 min read
How to reduce time to search information with Firefox.

Check SSH connections

March 17, 20201 min read
Looping through SSH hosts to check if I can connect to the servers.

Be alerted if your account is compromised

March 1, 20202 min read
With a 15 secondes step you can easily increase the security of your accounts.

Welcome quotes in terminal

February 24, 20201 min read
Doing stupid mistakes pushed me to write down some key sentences, and print them as a welcome message was a great idea!
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