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How to increase AWS ELB keep-alive timeout when deployed from Traefik

May 8, 20241 min read
Let's see together how to change the Load balancer settings when created from an ingress controller like Traefik on Kubernetes.

NodeJS Best Practices: Redacting Secrets from Your Pino Logs

March 30, 20243 min read
Learn to mitigate potential security issues by redacting sensitive data (like user credentials or secrets) from your logs using Pino logger for Node.js. Consider this a crucial part of your logging strategy.

About the Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler configuration and saving cost

January 29, 20242 min read
Cluster with under-utilized nodes was not able to downscale.

Good bye sleep() and delay() with NodeJS, hello setTimeout()

November 27, 20231 min read
Stop to use home-made utilities sleep() and delay(), and use the native nodeJS timers API: setTimeout()

How to use OpenTelemetry to expose custom Prometheus metrics from nodeJS applications

November 8, 20234 min read
OpenTelemetry? For NodeJS? Let's dive together on how to feed our data to a Prometheus gauge.

How to stream big JSON files with low-memory footprint in Node.js

August 17, 20232 min read
Ever had the case where an application only needs a few MB of RAM the whole week, but on reading data it needs way more memory for a few seconds to load a big file in memory? This might be for you ;)

How to debug RDS database from a Kubernetes cluster

August 5, 20232 min read
When you need to debug a database on a private network, it might get complicated to access it. Let's see how we can achieve this with Kubernetes tooling.

Automated rollback using Prometheus and Github Actions

July 2, 20232 min read
A controller way of releasing software
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