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Sending slack notifications with github actions

July 2, 20232 min read
A simple beautiful slack notification sent from Github Actions

How to add a MySQL Planetscale database as a grafana cloud datasource

May 19, 20231 min read
If you have data on Planetscale, here is how you can connect it to your grafana dashboard

Native logging for your NPM package

November 29, 20222 min read
When developing or using a NPM package, it is useful to enable logs only when needed and create quality logging for you & your users.

Traefik High-Availability HTTPS wildcard certificate with Cert-Manager

May 15, 20224 min read
How to get high-availability HTTPS for all applications in a kubernetes cluster under one wildcard certificate, and deployed with FluxCD.

Post-mortem: 1h30 downtime on a Saturday morning

February 5, 20227 min read
How 4 YAML lines brought down 3 APIs.

Local kubernetes cluster with ingress

January 29, 20222 min read
A script to automatically start a local Kind k8s cluster with ingress endpoint without having to deal with /etc/hosts

Troubleshoot suspiciously big docker images

December 28, 20211 min read
How to kick out unwanted files & packages from your docker image

Checking if a Firewall is ready before starting an application

October 4, 20212 min read
a Kubernetes InitContainer Use-case
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